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Welcome to The Extra Push

The Extra Push is an email subscription that allows users to get motivation emails along with happy news. It will give you that "extra push" to do more.

-Kevin Kim (Founder)

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My Story


Within my daily life, I always got caught up on tasks, which lost me the sense of time. Eventually, I burned out with the lack of motivation to do any of them. Because of this, I wanted to reach out to individuals via email to give them "the extra push" if they get lazy.

University Life

During my time at university, I was surrounded by the negative environment around me. I noticed that a majority of individuals were too focused on the bad instead of the good. I also took notice that there was no outlet of positive motivation given to them. Drifting away from that environment, I want spread out the positive reinforcement that will enrich each individuals to do more.


In my daily routine, I have always been heavily influenced that a positive mindset connects to your body. Individuals always need to recharge and find that extra motivation. As humans, we lose track of motivation if failure appears. As failure repeated, I am lucky to have the positive environment to get me through the day and motivate me which makes me want to do the same for you.

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Why wasn't anything created like this before?
— Avi, Web Developer
This email based platform is what I needed to start off my day.
— Maxine, Communications Specialist
One of my favourite sources of motivation to receive each day. I look forward to it every time I check my email!
— Nikki, Entrepreneur
An innovative approach to emails and motivation
— Sharon, Digital Marketing

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